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A Holistic Approach To Your Medical Needs

For your convenience we offer several different options to help you reach your weight loss goals.  We offer prescription options for weight loss as well as The HCG Diet and The Leptin Reboot.  Upon a thorough consultation our medical provider will go over your options and help you choose a treatment that will best fit your lifestyle and health needs. 

The Reboot Kit is a powerful set of proprietary nutritional products designed to help your body address inflammation and leptin sensitivity naturally, without sacrificing the convenience and simplicity sometimes required by modern life. The Kit works in conjunction with our healthy eating food program to give your body the support it needs to burn fat, fight inflammation, and Lose Fat For Good.
Click the link below and check out the Leptin Reboot video


Based on Dr Simeons protocol, the Hcg Diet will help you lose pounds and inches.  We use pharmaceutical grade Hcg and it is available as an injectable, a topical and a nasal spray.   Available as a 26 day treatment for loosing 15 lbs or less and 43 day treatment for loosing more than 15 lbs.